High Pressure Valves

Knife Gate Valve is a well known manufacturer and supplier of wide range of high pressure valves with different specifications. High Pressure valve is available in various tubing sizes and with body designs to satisfy varied requirements of clients.

These valves are engineered to use in various industry for controlling flow at high pressure and temperature. Material used in fabrication of high pressure valves are of highest standards of repeatable quality.

We manufactures a complete range of gate, ball, globe and non return valves for all high pressure and high temperature applications in thermal and nuclear power plants as well as oil and gas industry applications in all over the world.

High Pressure Valves India
High Pressure Gate Valves

Hastelloy valve is used in nuclear power reactors, chemical reactors, distillation equipment, pipes and valves in chemical industry due to its corrosion resistance property.

High Pressure Globe Valves

Hastelloy Ball Valves are manufactured by us has longer service life than others and premium alternative of low-cost valves. We able to offer this valve with variety of screwed/socket weld ends.

High Pressure Ball Valve

Hastelloy Gate Valves are heavy duty, bi-directional corrosion resistance valves that suitable for full on and full off full flow control. This valve is widely required in power plant, health and environmental, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and flue gas desulfurization industries where corrosion environment is present.

High Pressure Non Return Valve

Hastelloy Globe Valve is bi-directional control valve having straight threaded seat design in spiracle body. It is specially manufactured for industry where strong corrosive medium like acid, alkali, sea water are used.