Globe Valves

These valves are mainly applied for the purpose of throttling the flow of fluids. The disk of this valve can open up the path of the fluid absolutely or close it entirely. It can alter the direction of flow and augment the resistance to flow leading to a very high pressure drop. This is a uni-directional valve.

Our Controtek Global Globe Valves are offered in different bonnet types, body and trim materials as well as steam pickings in addition to an extensive array of pressure classes, along with end connections incorporating extended bodies. They have flanges or screwed & Butt Weld ends so as to facilitate their connection to the pipes. We offer on-Off, Control and Parabolic types of Discs.

Our Stainless Steel Globe Valves are apt for low temperature steam usage thereby the pressure is underneath the disc to safeguard the filler from cooling the steam as well as tendency to elevate the disk off the seat.

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Salient Features

  • excellent shutoff potential
  • superior throttling ability
  • machining or resurfacing of the seats are easier
  • excellent durability
  • effective performance
  • cost-effective


  • For flow-regulation in water chilling systems
  • Liquid Fuel system
  • Feed-water
  • Chemical feed
  • Extraction drain systems
  • Boiler vents etc
Globe Valve - Techanical Specification
Size Range
50 NB 
300 NB
Pressure Rating
ANSI- 150#, 300#,
400#, 600#, 900#, 
1500#, 2500#
OS & Y, Bolted/
Pressure Seal 
End Connection
Flanged/ Butt Weld
Hand Wheel/ Manual 
Gear/ Electric Motor 
Port Opening
Weld deposited
Swivel- Flat/ Taper/ 
Control/ Parabolic
Gasket & Packing
PTFE / Graphite/ Asbestos/
Spiral wound/ Ring joint
Refer Material Chart
Design Code
BS 1873, DIN - 2401
BS 5146
3rd Party/ Client/