Duplex Steel Valve

Our organization is a leading company that manufactures and supplies range of industrial valves made from various steel materials such as forged steel, alloy steel especially duplex steel. Duplex steel Valves are valves which are used for control the accumulation of fluids.

Duplex steel is a material which structure is made from mixture of two different steel like austenitic and ferritic. It has specific property of intergranular corrosion and pitting resistance.

Duplex steel valve is used in oil and gas industry equipment, offshore platforms, power industry, high pressure ro-plants, seawater piping, fire-fighting systems, and injection and ballast water systems.

We supplies variety of superior quality, separation features and paramount sealing duplex steel valves including Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Non Return Valves and Globe Valves.

Duplex Steel Valve Manufacturer
Duplex Steel Ball Valves

Duplex Steel Ball Valves are valves that controlling flow using ball mechanism. It is high grade intergranular corrosion free valves that used in sea water application or desalination facility, mining industries where tight shut off and shut on is needed under high pressure and temperature.

Duplex Steel Gate Valve

Duplex Steel Gate Valve is specially designed by us for assures minimum turbulence, erosion and resistance to flow. Its controls flow of fluid in pipeline in both directions by controlling movement of gate and it is suitable for applications where full on and full shut off is required.

Duplex Steel Globe Valves

Duplex Steel Globe Valves are linear motion valve which is use for controlling and regulating flow by using rotating disc. These globe valves are adapted to controlling or throttling flow conditions at cryogenic temperatures.

Duplex Steel Non Return Valves

Duplex Steel Non Return Valves are highly required where prevention of back flow in necessary. It is suitable for all type of fluids and aggressive environments.

Duplex Steel Butterfly Valves

Duplex Steel Butterfly Valves are corrosion resist safety and quick closing/opening valves. It is used for controlling and regulating flow by metal circular disc or vane and also provides resistance again reverse flow.

Salient Features

  • Highly Resistant to corrosion
  • Rust proof
  • Lighter in weight
  • Compact designing
  • Accurately dimensioned
  • High performance
  • Fire-proof
  • Resistant to inorganic acids and chlorides
  • Anti-static design


  • Oil & gas industry equipments
  • Power plants
  • fire-fighting  equipments
  • water purification plants
  • injection & ballast water arrangements