Angle Type Valves

Our company is engaged in manufacturing assortment of angle type valves with other industrial valves which are made from high grade material. We offer High Pressure Angle Valves and Hastelloy Angle Valves that suitable for transportation of inert and corrosive liquid and gaseous media.

Angle Valves are valves that use for effective controlling and regulating flow in vertical pipelines. It is required in application where pressures are very low but large quantities of steam are generated. Specialty of these valves is it can be change flow direction of fluid in pipelines at 90°.

It makes smooth flow due by its construction. Valve consist an angle seat and disc in body. The center line of inlet and outlet of Angle Valve intersect horizontally and flow direction turns to 90 degree.

Angle valves optimize efficiency and enable cost-effective operation due to its high tensile strength and durability in power generation, chemical, automobile industry, textile, and petrochemical industries.

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High Pressure Angle valves are valves that specially design to work under high pressure. This valve has split body made using the best quality raw materials. Furthermore we also supply Hastelloy Angle Valves are made from superior alloy material which are corrosion resistance and design to worked under high temperature.

Salient Features

  • High efficiency performance
  • lucrative
  • High tensile strength
  • Robustness
  • Long-lasting


  • Power plants
  • Chemical Industries
  • Automobile industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Petrochemical industries