Knife Gate Valve

Industries usually requires the industrial valves and mainly the Knife Gate Valve is most demanded one among the market, we Controtek Global from the last 4 decades are standing forefront position in global level for supplying and exporting our excellently manufactured Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Globe Valve and especially Knife Gate Valves which are designed with the current industrial required models & structures and moreover each of our industrial valves are finely made up with the assured quality resources for its matchless quality.

Our service reaches from India to global level; we have the great team to timely supply and export to our all existing customers for the major industrial requirements of our Diaphragm Valves, Gate Valve and more related products from Australia, Russia, Kuwait, Malaysia, south Africa, Bahrain etc. most probably knife gate valve are essentially required among various industries and our company’s knife gate valves are proficient that it can cut through exceedingly thick liquids or fluids & semi-solids to ease the positive shut-off.

Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer in India

Knife Gate Valve India

Planning to buy the bulk quantity of industrial valves then once get in touch with us to get the best service from our firm by providing the qualitative, longer functional and all variety of valves including knife gate valves and even for bulk order, we are able to supply & export you the all your orders as per your choices. As we are in this field from more than 40 years so we are manufacturing the large quantity of our products and also if any industries requires the valves of urgent basis then too contact us without any hesitation.

Get your Knife Gate Valves and other types of valves easily from us for your industries like sugar, refineries, petrochemical and steel plants etc at very economical prices.

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

We are making and delivering the superb quality of industrial valves which are all satisfactory products, best in quality, durability, designs etc. we never gives the chance of negativity in our products as we are the merely experienced firm and manufacturing the most excellent quality of valves with perfect methods & techniques to ensure its high quality.

Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

First thing that we are the Ahmadabad’s leading firm situated in most known Nava Naroda of industrial area. The next one is that our firm is very huge one and all set to produce the all variety & variations of industrial valves with modern machineries and tools.

Our Service

Our Service

Our service of providing industrial valves reaches to both domestic and international countries. As well we are giving the after sales service to many industries in a better way. Our team wills sharply deliver your products at your exact destinations.

Why choose us?

  • Always making innovations in the quality and variations of our valves for its uniqueness
  • Following the advanced methods of creations of our products
  • Thoroughly checks the each materials which are meant for making the valves
  • Productions is done from the well-equipped manufacturing line to make the excellent product
  • Before dispatch, complete checking & packing of the product is done by our practiced team
  • Without any hesitant, our all customers can ask for our after sales service
Knife Gate Valve Exporter in Gujarat

Why Knife Gate Valve is unique?

  • Apt in cut through thick fluid mediums in numerous industries
  • It is suitable or versatile in feature for different manufacturing industries
  • Much cost-effective than other products
  • Easy to carry and set as it is light in weight
  • Applicable in water, oil, grease, pulp, slurry, paper, waste water
  • Can easily withstand with the high heat conditions
  • Technically designed with the sharp & fine edges to cut through liquids & pulp
Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Our supply/export of Knife Gate Valve reaches to:

  • Paper & pulp plant
  • Petrochemical plant
  • Oil plant
  • Chemical industry
  • Dyes & intermediates
  • Agriculture/ fertilizer industry
  • Sugar plant
  • Steel & mining plant
  • Thermal power station
  • Water treatment plant
  • Food & beverage industry