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Knife Gate Valves Manufacturer India


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Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer

Knife Gate Valve Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer

Knife gate valve are very identical to Gate valves. It has the ability to slice through highly viscous liquids & semi-solids to facilitate a positive shut off. Hence it is chiefly applied in the industries such as paper pulp, petroleum, chemical, petro-chemical, sewage system etc to tackle the flow regulation of viscous fluids, Semi-Solids, Pulps, tacky and gooey substances, slurry & sludge etc.

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Our valves are sturdily fabricated and have exceptional longevity. They have high excellent to endurance for heat and pressure. We produce these valves with premium quality raw materials obtained from reputed & trusted retailers. We manufacture them with utmost care for quality at every phase of manufacturing. Our quality control department checks the quality of every batch of products, austerely to offer our clients only flawless & high quality valves. Despite of their excellent quality, our products are always available at very affordable rates.


knife gate valve exporter
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Our FLOEC Knife Gate Valves are available with Soft Sealing and Metal to Metal sealing options to facilitate certain functions. We offer trim option for the special necessities of our clients. We also offer positive alternatives such as Hand Wheel, Pneumatic Cylinder / Actuator.

Our valves are made up of high quality materials such as S.G. Iron, Cast Iron, Cast Stainless Steel of all Grades, Cast Carbon Steel, Alloy-20, CD4MCu, etc.  They are available in sizes ranging from 50NB to 600NB with ANSI 150# Rating.

Salient Features:

  • Least maintenance
  • Robust valves
  • Precisely engineered
  • Effective functioning
  • Excellent durability

Applications :

Industries such as Paper, petroleum, chemical, petro-chemical, textile, sewage system etc.

Knife Edge Gate Valve - Technical Specification
Size Range
50 NB
600 NB
Pressure Rating
ANSI - 150#
OS & Y
End Connection
Wafer/ Lugged
Hand wheel/ Pneumatic Actuator/Cylinder/Electrical Actuator
Port Opening
Metal to Metal or
Soft Seating
Solid Knife type
Gasket & Packing
PTFE/ Graphite/
Asbestos etc.
Refer Material Chart
Design Code
MSS - SP81
API 598
3rd Party/ Client/


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